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Introduction of the children

Name:  NON Birthday  2009/07/06 Gender:  male
Age:  9

Non is the older brother of Chook and Chay. He looks older than his age, but he is still a baby boy who loves to be hugged. As an older brother, he always keeps an eye on his twin brothers. We love his happy face when he gets excited.

Name:  KAMPAENG Birthday  2008/09/08 Gender:  male
Age:  10

Kampaeng means a "wall" in Thai. He loves to be photographed; he knows his best angle, and we are not sure if he is aware of this or not, but even his toothless smile makes him more charming. He loves to play soccer, but the unfortunate thing is that he sometimes gets chickened out at the big moments.

Name:  MOB Birthday  2010/04/12 Gender:  male
Age:  8

Mob came to Ban Rom Sai with his older sister, Neng. Mob means "demonstration" or "public gathering" in Thai. He is very polite and always willing to study and help the others,,, but sometimes a bit cunning.

* Please note that not all profiles have photographs due privacy issues

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