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Introduction of the children

Name:  OOMSIN Birthday  2011/10/02 Gender:  female
Age:  7

Oomsin has the most friendly eyes and lovely chubby cheeks. Having the best sense of rhythm among the children, she loves singing and dancing and...playing tricks on people. "Oomsin" means a "piggy bank" in Thai. We are sure that her piggy bank is full of good luck inside...!

Name:  MAKE Birthday  2013/09/06 Gender:  male
Age:  5

He is always obsessed in observing the animals, plants or the sky; his name might explain why. "Make" means "cloud" in Thai.(while his sister "Namfon" means "rain drops" .) He looks really good in his nursery uniform.

Name:  NAMFON Birthday  2012/02/07 Gender:  female
Age:  7

She did not show her smile when she first came to Ban Rom Sai, but now we are relieved to see her laugh and chat with her brothers and sisters. She loves dancing and she entertains us with her funny, cute and sometimes frenzy(?) dance. She is also good at making postures for snapshots.

Name:  TENGKWAA Birthday  2013/01/14 Gender:  female
Age:  6

She had been repeatedly hospitalized when she first came to Ban Rom Sai. She never cried at the hospital, but we all know how hard the experience was for her. She is now fine, and have started to attend the kindergarten.

* Please note that not all profiles have photographs due privacy issues

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