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Introduction of the children ( Updated: September, 2014 )

NAME :   JINDA SEX :   Female AGE :   13

Jinda was quiet and shy when she first came to Ban Rom Sai and was seen crying a lot. However this has changed over the past few years. We found her grandmother in 2006, but unfortunately she could not take care of Jinda due to poverty. However, we are planning to let Jinda spend some time with her grandmother and relatives during her next school vacation.

NAME :   BANK SEX :   Male AGE :   13

In 2007, Bank found out that his grandmother, mother and brother were all still alive. He met with his mother during summer break and he was ecstatic. Although unable to take care of him right now, his mother, who works in Bangkok, calls him from time to time. He was so happy to see his family, who came to visit him at Ban Rom Sai this year. We hope that he will be able to live with his family in the near future.

NAME :   PEN SEX :   Female AGE :   14

Pen means 'full moon' in Thai. She used to have a full moon-shaped face and eyes , but now she has lost her baby fat and is growing into a beautiful young woman. Despite of her cute smile, she can be a little scary looking, when she is scolding her young sisters for doing something naughty. It is hard to believe that she is already in 2nd grade at junior high school.

NAME :   BEE SEX :   Male AGE :   14

Bee caused us a lot of grief, with his bad behavior at school. But now he has changed. He is using his energy to play soccer instead. His skill and passion for soccer has made him an excellent player and scorer. This is giving him more confidence and allowing him to concentrate at school. He will be graduating from junior high school next year.

NAME :   DAAW SEX :   Female AGE :   15

Daaw has a unique sense of fashion and she coordinates and wears the donated clothes in a pretty manner. In the past she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Upon graduating from junior high school, she started to learn the basics of sewing at a vocational school, while studying part-time at a high school on Sundays. We hope her aesthetic sense will lead her to find a career that she really likes.

* Please note that not all profiles have photographs due privacy issues

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